July 20

Why Playing Guitar is Hard

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The reason why guitar playing is hard? Let’s explore the answer together. Now we know that there are many guitar players out there who would say it’s easy, but they most likely have a natural talent and/or started playing guitar when they were very young, like a prodigy. So this question is more so for all the other people–the majority–who either don’t have a natural talent or only started playing after they were full-grown adults.

The truth of why guitar playing is difficult for the rest of us is for the same reason learning to play the piano is hard or why doing anything articulate with your fingers is–things your fingers aren’t used to doing because you don’t have the neural pathways in your brain developed yet to make it a subconscious effort–is hard.

After you practice something enough, you no longer have to consciously be aware of every little nuance; your subconscious takes over and that’s around when guitar players can sing and play at the same time, or play the harmonica and guitar at the same time. This is because they’re no longer consciously considering every little string and move of their fingers. It’s all free-flowing.

So the answer is, if you want guitar playing to become easy and you only just started learning how to play, you must practice as much as possible till the point where you no longer need to focus all your thought-power on the music. After enough practice, it will become easy, but there will always be that learning phase where it’s very difficult. The less used you are to making complex movements with your fingers, the harder it will be. With that said, it will also be more fulfilling once you get good at it, so keep in there, and thanks for reading our new blog.

Good luck!

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Posted July 20, 2020 by Perry Coleman in category "Music", "Opinions and Advice