August 17

On My Way to Guelph Ontario, and I Got My Guitar With Me

visiting friends in guelph

Just letting you all know that I have some exciting plans for the next week. In the next hour, I’ll be heading out the door with my guitar case in one hand and my my suitcase in the other to visit some wonderful friends in Guelph Ontario, Canada. I’m so excited that I’ve been pacing back and forth in my living room for the past 20 minutes. I finally calmed down enough to write this blog post.

Before I planned this trip I spent a while at and don’t regret it. My friends there weren’t even aware of all the fun stuff a tourist can do in Guelph. Now that the economy is going back to normal in Canada, we can visit all the restaurants and parks that I’ve been dying to visit for years. I’m so excited my skin is vibrating!

Another reason I’m going to Guelph is to offer a dear friend some of my services. Of course, because they’re my dear friend they’ll be getting their stove repaired and their garden rock wall fixed for free. We’re gonna have a good time while we do it!

I might be logging back in either tomorrow or the some time this week to give you all an update. I’ll only be in Guelph for a total of 5 days and 6 nights, but that should be all the time I need to see my friends and do the stuff I plan to do.

I wish all my readers a fabulous week. Be back soon!

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