October 22

It Takes a Lot of Love

What takes a lot of love. “It” does, whatever “It” is for you. For me, “It” is music, “It” is friendship. “It” is anything you care about. One of my favorite songs is “Lotta Love” by Nicolette Larson. The reason why: She’s right!

To change the way things are for you, from worse to better, it’s gonna take a lot of love. Listen to the lyrics yourself, their beautiful.

My mother listened to this song when I was little and it wasn’t until recently that it became my favorite son. It makes me cry and smile at the same time, and that’s what good music is supposed to do in my opinion. I hope to be as talented as her one day.

If you don’t see “eye to eye” with your dream, you need to show it some love. Do “It” with the music you love. Love with the people around you. Love with working “through the night”.

You can do “It”!

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