October 5

Back to Ontario with my Service

visiting hamilton ontario

Recently I was visiting Guelph, Ontario, but this time I’ll be in Hamilton for Halloween. I’m so excited. As it turns out, Ontario is a great place for my services to render quality. And by services I mean, yes, playing the guitar for locals in pubs. I have a few small gigs lined up, and one big gig for Halloween that I’m super stoked on.

Maybe it’s my style of music or the friends I met in Guelph but the people of Ontario seem to appreciate my music more than other parts of Canada. I expect this adventure to be a lot different than the latter, however. I don’t expect any workers who do appliance repair in Hamilton to fix my guitar like what happened on my last tour in Guelph. But you never know.

What might make this tour very different than my last tour in Ontario is a new song I wrote about Ontario that I can’t wait to play on Halloween. The song is called “Oh, Ontario” and it’s inspired by the French version of the Canadian anthem. It’s a song very different than anything I’ve written before because I switch back and forth from French to English several times in each verse, and the chorus is a rock and roll version of a section of the Canadian anthem. I hope someone there can record it but then again I might want to record it professionally in a studio before I release it online.

Some of my shows might get cancelled so I don’t want to list the times and locations quite yet. If you’re interested and want to come show your support, you can contact me and I’ll tell you where I’ll be playing in Hamilton. Even just being here to read my blog is all the support I need, though. Thank you so much for being here.

Have a fabulous Halloween of 2020!

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