July 12

What We Do

passion for music

Being a French duo guitar band isn’t easy, but it’s our passion and compared to the real work we do it’s a treat. Being guitar players by night, general contractors by day is no easy life, but we love it, and we get to do it across the Atlantic with our skills, which is why they calls us Transatlantique!

But what we really do is not just make music for fun and do contracting for money, we do both because we love it. In the day, helping national clients find the appliance repair companies they need to maintain their hotel kitchens gives us nearly as much pleasure as bringing our guitars on stage to sing a duet for an excited crowd. We’re sure that we’ll have plenty of time to explain why we love doing what we do. For readers who are new here, we’re just excited to explain what we do for now, and now you know!

Stay tuned for more posts! We’re glad you visited.

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