July 10



Welcome to our general contractor services. Make sure to read our disclaimer before getting started here. Here, we will list all that we specialize in. This website however is not our business website, merely a fan page for Duo Transatlantique revamped by fans to create a personal blog of our own liking. In the meantime, here is where we will simply list the services we contract out to businesses in Canada, and you may also consider it a list of the subjects we will cover in our blog. Thanks for reading.

Canadian General Contracting Services

  1. Stone masonry
  2. Chimney repair
  3. Bricklaying
  4. Landscaping
  5. Hardscaping
  6. Tree service
  7. Tree removal
  8. Small appliance repair
  9. Fridge repair
  10. Dishwasher repair
  11. Oven repair
  12. Washer repair
  13. Dryer repair
  14. Freezer repair