December 14

Ghostly Guitar Noises

It might be because I play guitar a lot, but in the old house I live in I sometimes hear strange guitar plucks from dark corners when you’d least expect it. I’ve never believed in ghosts much, but it’s hard not to now after finding an old guitar repair kit in the attic a few days ago. It makes sense now that whoever lived in this house when it was built nearly a hundred years ago liked to play the guitar.

I want to ask it what it thinks of my music. Maybe it could possess me and help me play better, but I don’t know if I’d enjoy that much. Even if it possessed me to the point where I was talented enough to become the next Jimmy Hendrix, it might not be worth how scared I’d be. Besides, who’s to say that the ghost is even good at playing. It might suck (I hope he or she isn’t reading this over my shoulder).

Does anyone else hear guitar noises in their house and think it’s a ghost? If you do, please contact us because I’d love to hear about it.

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