August 18

A Guelph Appliance Repair Man Fixed My Guitar (an Update on my Tour)

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My first day in Guelph Ontario was amazing. Last night when I arrived I met some amazing people at a bar where I played some 50’s rock and roll. It’s strange to be back to playing live music, especially with social distancing, but part of it felt familiar and very satisfying. Now I’m relaxing in my hotel with a headache and a beverage, and its nice to reflect on the past few days and plan the rest of my tour.

One of my favorite parts of this trip so far is remembering how excited I was writing yesterday’s post. If only I knew what was in store for me in Guelph I would’ve written a lot more. Now’s my chance.

In my set last night I was on the final song, playing an old ditty from the 40’s, when my guitar broke. The strings didn’t snap but one of the tuning pegs on the headstock broke, which caused a string to slap out and cut my finger. I cursed on stage, which caused nothing but laughter, and then I cracked a few jokes, saying I forgot to bring my tuning kit. I had nothing to repair my guitar with, but luckily there was someone in the audience who did. A kind man named Ralph, who was with his buddies after a long day of work, still had his work clothes on and his work van was parked in the back alley. He was an appliance repair man, and he rose from his seat with a huge smile as if he were the only man in the world who could help me.

I spotted him, waved him over and he said, “I can fix that.” It was shocking to hear his story of how his father used to own the biggest guitar shop in Guelph before passing. This worker from Appliance Repair Guelph went outside and came back in with his toolbox, and right before the bar manager was about to put on radio music my guitar was fixed and because I was so grateful I not only finished the ditty but extended my set for free for the rest of night, playing a kind of solo guitar music these people had never heard. I wish I had recorded the set on my phone because I think that was the best I’ve ever played.

Later that night Ralph invited me back to his place with his buddies to play pool in his basement and I got to meet his wife. She was an angel. I never met a woman who loved to bake cookies at 2 in the morning before, but they were special cookies, if you know what I mean. I ended up playing more music for these lovely people while they played pool and it’s safe to say I now have new friends in Guelph.

Today, after I finish recovering and take a shower, I’ll be meeting a few of the people I haven’t seen in years. Believe it or not but it’s my sister’s ex husband who I can’t wait to see. We were great friends way before my sister married him and so I hope my sister can understand if she reads this. I also have a date with someone I’ve been chatting with online for a few months now.

Then, tomorrow, depending on how well my date goes, there’s a good chance I’ll be taking a day trip to Toronto. If I do go it’ll be only for one day and I’ll probably do some busking by the water for extra money. I’ll keep you updated on that. So if you’re in Guelph and want to hear some good live guitar music then get in touch with me. If we’re both lucky the timing can work out and I’ll play for a low price, anywhere near Guelph.

Thanks for tuning in to my update. More to come soon!

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